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24 pin USB-C receptacle connector

24 pin USB-C receptacle connector is compatible with:

    Alcatel devices:

    Apple devices:

    Asus devices:

    BlackBerry devices:

    BQ devices:

    Coolpad devices:

    Google devices:

    HP devices:

    HTC devices:

    Huawei devices:

    Leeco devices:

    Lenovo devices:

    LG devices:

    Meizu devices:

    Microsoft devices:

    Motorola devices:

    Nokia devices:

    OnePlus devices:

    Samsung devices:

    Sony devices:

    Xiaomi devices:

    Yota devices:

    ZTE devices:

    There is one linked connector - 24 pin USB-C plug. Click here for details.

    24 pin USB-C receptacle connector layout

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