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11 pin HTC ExtUSB jack connector

    This is the 11 pin HTC ExtUSB jack connector

    11 pin HTC ExtUSB jack connector view and layout

    11 pin HTC ExtUSB jack photo and diagram

    The pinouts for the 11 pin HTC ExtUSB jack connector are:

  • HTC Chineese clone headphones adapter pinout
  • HTC ExtUSB pinout for HTC Droid Eris, P3600, S310, T-Mobile DASH, HTC S711, S720, P3401, P3600i, P4000, Touch Pro CDMA, O2 XDA Nova, XDA Mantle, T-Mobile MDA Ameo, Wing US, Vodafone v1615, 920, HTC Magic, Orange Fuze, 8900, AT&T Tilt 8925
  • HTC ExtUSB charger pinout for HTC Max 4G, Advantage X7500, Dream, Hero, S740, Smart, Snap, Tattoo, Touch 2, Touch 3G, Touch Cruise 09, Touch Diamond, Touch Pro 2, Touch HD, P3300, P3600, P4350, S620, Touch, TyTN II
  • HTC ExtUSB headset pinout for Dopod 595, HTC P3400, S620, S710, S310, O2 XDA Atmos, Orange SPV E600, Qtek G200, T-Mobile MDA Mail, DASH, Vodafone VDA V, HTC S711, S730, S720, 5800, S621, S630, X7510, X7501, X7500

11 pin HTC ExtUSB jack connector is compatible with:

    Alltel devices:

    AT&T devices:

    Bell devices:

    Cingular devices:

    Dopod devices:

    EMobile devices:

    HTC devices:

    I-mate devices:

    NTT DoCoMo devices:

    O2 devices:

    Orange devices:

    Qtek devices:

    Softbank devices:

    Sprint devices:

    Swisscom devices:

    T-Mobile devices:

    Telus devices:

    Verizon devices:

    Vodafone devices:

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